Getting Terminology Straight: Open Graph, News Feed, Ticker & Timelines

Posted on Oct 02, 2011 by Michael Gugel in Gaming

You know the guy that misuses industry jargon and comes off looking like a dummy?  I was that guy this week.  I didn’t have all the new concepts / terminology from FB’s f8 conference locked down.  Here’s what I wish I knew last week.

Facebook’s old version of Open Graph let you slap on a “Like” button on your website.  Doing so would make your website act like a FB page: your site would show up on FB searches and show up in the user’s “Likes & Interest” section on their profile.

Your website / app is the object and the “Like” button is the edge. (Tip: think of an edge as a verb and the object as a noun.)

In the new Open Graph, FB is opening up the door to a whole bunch of new edges. Instead of just “Liking” a third-party app, users will have a whole bunch of other ways they can interact.

  • A music app can define the ability to listen to (action) a song (object).
  • A travel app can define the ability to visit (action) a particular country (object).

FB will use its algorithms to determine how these actions will be displayed on the Timeline, News Feed, and Ticker.

Timelines are the revamped user profiles.  It shows the user’s likes, interests, friends, important events, etc.

News Feed
The News Feed is what you see when you immediately log into FB.  It shows all the stories/updates your friends published.  There are three main ways to get on the New Feed: Likes, Feed Dialog & Feed Graph object (as described above).

The Ticker is the right bar on your FB page.

Ticker lets you Facebook while you Facebook

Ticker lets you Facebook while you Facebook

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