Achievement Design

Posted on Sep 25, 2011 by Michael Gugel in Gaming

Check out Greg McClanahan’s awesome post on¬†Achievement¬†design from Gamasutra.
Here’s the best part:

GOOD reasons for making achievements hard to get:

  • High skill component
  • Perfection of a core game mechanic
  • Handicapping the player (in a way that makes sense and is still fun)

BAD reasons for making achievements hard to get:

  • Completely luck-based (and rare)
  • Perfection of non-central game mechanic that isn’t overly fun on its own
  • Handicapping the player by removing a fun element of core gameplay
  • Excessively grindy
  • Severe punishments for small mistakes
  • Real-life sacrifices (completing a game within 24 hours)
  • Difficult logistics of even attempting a task (such as finding an active multiplayer game)
  • High reliance on specific behavior of opponents (especially in a multiplayer setting)

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