“Gray Shirt Girl” Discovered!

Posted on Nov 18, 2010 by Michael Gugel in Facebook Ads

I have a love-hate relationship with Shoemoney.  Sometimes I think “damn, why is this guy spamming me with affiliate links!?”  Other times I’m like “wow, Shoe is sending me some awesome content.”  I think I unsubscribed and then re-subscribed to his newsletter like 8 times.

Anyway, in one of his awesome content posts, Shoe gave us a really comprehensive Facebook Advertising guide.  In it, he breaks down the importance of elements in your Facebook ad.  It looks something like this:

  • The image: 70%
  • Body text: 20%
  • Title: 10%

And that’s not just speculation – Shoe supports it with real data. And from his experience, here’s what images were most effective:

  • Cleavage
  • Recognizable brands
  • Blended images

And there was one particular “cleavage” image that stuck out from all the others – the mythical “gray shirt girl”.

People (both men and women) LOVED clicking on her image, but when I tried searching for “gray shirt girl” on Google, I came up empty-handed.  A few people commented on Shoe’s post with similar frustrations.  Luckily for them, I made it my mission to track down a good quality image of this “gray shirt girl”.

Step 1:
I pinpointed the exact time “gray shirt girl” showed up in ShoeMoney’s video (23:55).

Step 2:
I made the video full-screen and took a screenshot.

Step 3:
I cropped the screenshot and got a blurry pic of “gray shirt girl”.

A blurry Gray Shirt Girl

A blurry Gray Shirt Girl

Step 4:
I uploaded the blurry pic to TinEye.com, a reverse image search engine.

Step 5:
Presto!  A nice, sharp pic of the legendary “gray shirt girl” was discovered.

A sharp version of Gray Shirt Girl

Unfortunately, I tried putting the sharp version of “gray shirt girl” into TinEye, but it didn’t yield any more results. The good news is that Facebook only requires a 110×80 pic so the version I discovered should be more than enough.

3 Responses to ““Gray Shirt Girl” Discovered!”

  1. Vinay

    08. Dec, 2010

    very cool. was just watching the presentation before making my first campaign. Its on womens nails, n I was like damn I should chuck in the grey shirt girl for a test and here she is nice and gift wrapped :P

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  2. Brian

    04. Oct, 2012

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  3. rob

    14. May, 2013

    Ya. You went through all that for a pic of boobs.

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